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How to identify the right nurse recruitment agency for going abroad

How to identify the right nurse recruitment agency for going abroad

Going abroad to work is one of the main ambitions for most nurses who complete their nursing education. Most of the nurses visit another country at least for a few years in their lifetime to earn additional income. Before going abroad, there are many hurdles that the nurse has to face and overcome. One of the most common hurdles is to face the recruitment agent who is out to extract his pound of flesh! The nurse may have to pay huge sums of money to ensure that he path is cleared. A good nurse recruitment agency will be able to help a nurse to go abroad easily.

nurse recruitment agency Dependent on the recruitment agent

The nurse recruitment agent usually is able to extract the maximum income from a nurse even before she reaches abroad because most of the payments that have to be made to the nurse recruitment agency is prior to getting the job and going abroad. Most of the staff nurses, especially those who have completed their Diploma in nursing, are dependent on the nurses recruitment agency for finding the right jobs abroad.

Scam nurse recruitment agency

There is an increasing trend of nurses being cheated by scam agencies. There are many such agencies that are functioning all over India. Their modus operandi is to advertise in leading newspapers and
magazines. Once people call them or email them to find out more about the job opportunities in other countries, these scamsters use the gullible nurses to mint money. They lie about the salary in the gulf countries. They also provide false information about the working conditions and benefits that are available to nurses in these countries.

Those who are taken in by the words of these scam agencies try to go to them again and again for getting the job in such wonderful working conditions. The agency asks the nurses to pay an initial sum of money to start the processing. Once the initial sum is paid, most of the nurses are hooked to the agency.

They do not want to lose the initial money paid to the nurse recruitment agency. These false nurse recruitment agencies milk money out of the nurses, who pay all their savings and even borrow to pay these agencies. All in the hope, that they will be able to get a good job and good life for their family.

Some recruitment agencies finally send the nurses to other countries. The nurses end up in these places to find that the recruitment agency had lied about the working conditions and even the salary. There are other nursing recruitment agencies that simply shut down after collecting crores of rupees from thousands of nurses.

Selection of the right nurse recruitment agency

1. Check if the agency has successfully sent nurses abroad who can vouch for the company.
2. Find if they are registered with the government.
3. Check their number of branches. Usually an agency that has a single branch is more likely to swindle you.
4. Select a company which provides you the option of going to the country of your choice.
5. A nurse recruitment agency that provides great service at the best price.

Trained nurses Association of India

The nurses in India have a recognized association called as the Trained nurses Association of India. This has been recognized as a government-accredited recruitment and placement agency. The association has been concerned about the exploitation of nurses. The unethical methods and deception by nurse recruitment agencies have made the Trained nurses Association of India to start its own placement agency. Since it is an accredited agency, it enables a safe and fair method of obtaining placements abroad. The fees charged by the agency are also reasonable and this provides a good opportunity for nurses.

Nurse recruitment agency in Kerala

Kerala is a small state in India, but it is a state with many nurses all over the world. Nurses from Kerala are sought after because of their hard work and skills. They also are determined to work in difficult situations. This is one of the reasons for Kerala to have several nurse recruitment agencies. The best way in which nurses from Kerala can go abroad without the fear of a scam agency is to use the government platform. The Kerala government ODEPC job portal is the right place for you to find your nurse job abroad.

Top nursing recruitment agencies in USA

Instead of applying through the nurse recruitment agency in your country, you can apply to USA through the agencies in USA itself. You need to find the top nursing recruitment agencies in USA and apply through them to avoid any scams. Most of the nurse recruitment agencies in USA hire nurses locally and send them to various places for jobs. This is because it works out to be cost effective for these companies. Maxim Staffing Solutions and Cirrus medial staffing are some of the top health recruitment companies in the United States.

There are some international nurse recruitment agencies that function out of USA. The Pacific link healthcare is one such company. The advantage of this company is that they have their branch offices in India and Philippines. Other international agencies like International Medlink and Shearwater Health focus on nurses from Philippines and recruit them to work in the USA.

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  1. sandra. P Oppan

    Hi sir,
    I am from India. Is there any vacancies for foreign nurses.

    • David Prakash

      There are vacancies for nurses from any country, especially India and Philipines. You need to have experience and also get all the paperwork done to work in the US.

  2. Sir , am from india.. I would like to work in USA… I dont know the process.. Pls help me

    • David Prakash

      Based on your qualification, you can apply for credential evaluation for a particular state in USA. You will be required to take an English test, either IELTS or TOEFL. CGFNS can help evaluate your credentials(your transcript is important). Once your education is considered equivalent, you can use it to apply for a job in USA. Once you obtain the job, you can apply for visa.

  3. Ravinder Kaur Butter

    Hi, I have 9 years of experience in neuro ICU and cath lab. Currently working with AIIMS hospital new Delhi India. I am holding a GNM and B.Sc nursing degree. I have cleared the NCLEX exam from Arizona state however that needs to be renewed.

    • David Prakash

      Fo renewal, you should have practiced as a nurse for 960 hours or more in the past 5 years or you should have graduated from a nursing program and obtained a degree within past 5 years OR you need to have completed an Arizona Board approved refresher course in the past 5 years OR obtained a higher nursing degree in the last 5 years. If not, I think you need to reapply.

    • Nitin Mittal

      will you plz.tell in which department of Aiims you are working with….???


    • David Prakash

      You need to decide which state you want to work in. Each state will have different requirements. Next, you could go to the website of the state nursing board and look at the requirements and make sure that you satisfy all of them. If not, try to rectify the lacunae. Once all the documentation are proper and you have adequate experience as required, you can apply for CGFNS / NCLEX.

      Once you clear that, you can apply to any hospital with the registration in the state nursing board.

  5. Karamveerkaur

    Which website do I have to go to apply I have been RN in India currently I live in Indiana

    • David Prakash

      Can you please specify if you want to apply for job? If so, since you are already in USA, you can find job agencies in Indiana. This article about selecting recruitment agencies was mainly for those from countries like India, Philippines and other places where scam agencies operate. In Indiana, if you have all other eligibility, you can directly approach the HR departments of hospitals.

  6. Peregrina Lobo

    My nephew is working in Mumbai in Karuna Hospital. He has five years experience. He would like to apply for a nursing job in Canada. What should he do? Which website should he go to? I shall be grateful for your help..

    • David Prakash

      Going to Canada is quite easy. There are several consultancies that will take a person to Canada. Your nephew can also apply for permanent resident ship. In the meantime, he can work part time to earn and sustain himself. At the same time, he can apply for registration exam in Canada. If he clears the exam, he can work as a nurse in Canada. WWICS is one of the consultancies that can help him go to Canada.

  7. could you please elaborate the total expenses for all the visa and NCLEX RN exam process ?

  8. Arun Kumar Kuchipudi

    Hii David could you please suggest me a trustworthy consultancy ( as there are as many recruiting agencies in the given list from gov) that could help to get a job in us or Canada I have completed my Bsc Nursing and have 1 year experience

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