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4 things to note before selecting Overseas Nurse Recruitment Agency

There are 4 important factors that have to be noted by you before you select the overseas nurse recruitment agency.

1. History of placements:

The history of placement in good jobs in various hospitals and organizations is one method of measuring the success rate and genuineness of the agency. It is just not good enough for you to check the website of the company or go by what they say. You have to ascertain the history of placements through independent agencies. This has to be done before paying any money to the overseas nurse recruitment agency to help in your resettlement.

2. Payment:

Several overseas nurse recruitment agency demand a lot of money without doing any paperwork or starting the process of recruitment. These are likely fake agencies that are only out to make money through you. There are some overseas nurse recruitment agencies that do not have a timeline map. They also do not have a road map for the resettlement of nurses abroad. You have to be wary of such recruitment agencies because they could be scam agencies that are out to cheat gullible nurses. Also, remember that most recruitment agencies have fixed rate for different professions. A good reputed agency will not bargain with you on what you can pay them and only will have fixed charges. If there is any bargaining involved or if there are no fixed rates for recruitment of different professionals, it is also a red flag that should keep you on your guard.

3. Satisfied clients:

The satisfaction of clients is also a measure through which you would be able to decide on the genuineness of the overseas nurse recruitment agency. There are also other simple methods in which you can double check the quality of the overseas nurse recruitment agency. You can get information through the clients who have used the agency prior to you and use it for your benefit. You can call them up and find out more about the agency. Do you personally know someone who has used the same recruitment agency prior to your application? This is a sure shot method of ascertaining the quality and genuineness of the recruitment agency.

4. Do some research:

It is important that any nurse who is planning to go abroad does some research on the overseas nurse recruitment agency. This will help to identify if the agency is a reputed one and save lot of trouble later. There are several methods in which you will be able to find out if an agency is a reputed one. You can check if they have a website of their own. Websites that have hundreds of visitors per day is a sure sign that the agency is doing a lot of business. You can also visit the agency in person at their physical location. This is one of the methods of ascertaining if the agency is the one that is suited for you.

Government approval

Approval from the government to run a manpower agency is quite important. If the company is functioning, but is not registered with the government, you should not use that company. Registered companies will have a time bound licence. If you still go ahead and use the recruitment agency, what happens? You are on your own and you will not be able to get help from the government, if you are cheated.

Some of the top government approved recruitment agencies are listed here.

International Manpower Resources Private Limited
Rajouri Garden, A – 33 (1st & 2nd Floor),
New Delhi – 110027



Unregistered Recruiting agents

There is a list of unregistered recruiting agents and agencies from all over India. This list is found on the website of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. You can also access the unregistered agencies here. If you would like to know if a recruiting agency is registered or not, please contact us through comments or email.

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