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Demand for Indian Nurses in the USA

Demand for Indian nurses in the USA

There is a huge demand for Indian nurses in the United States. There are several reasons for the high demand for Indian nurses in Western countries, especially in the United States. On the other hand, it should be noticed that nurses come to USA from other countries too. Notable among the other country nurses in USA are the Philippine nurses. Filipino nurses as they are popularly known are also hard working and well qualified. This is the main reason for their popularity in the US.

Reasons for demand for Indian nurses in US

The reasons for the great demand for nurses from India in the US are quite varied. Some of the common reasons for Indian nurses to go to the US are listed here.

1. Acute shortage of nurses in USA

There is an acute shortage of nurses in the United States. The shortage of nurses in the US is the main reason for the demand from nurses who qualify in other countries. Indian nurses and nurses from Philippines are usually recruited to work in the USA, after they clear the NCLEX, which is the qualifying licensure exam in the US.

Demand for Indian Nurses
Demand for Indian Nurses

2. Good knowledge of Indian nurses

Nurses from India are usually well qualified. The entry restrictions can be surpassed by passing the licensure exam. But nurses from some countries do not have decision making capacity. Their knowledge may help them to surpass the exams. But their skills during the course of their work is not adequate. On the other hand Indian nurses have the knowledge to overcome any problems they may face. This is mainly possible because of their better clinical knowledge and practical knowledge. These nurses have gained adequate knowledge during the course of their education.

3. Hard working

Indian nurses are also very popular and in great demand because of their hard working nature. Most Indian nurses do not shy away from hard work. In fact, they willingly take up assignments that are not popular with nurses from other countries. This is one of the main reasons for private hospitals and other institutions to prefer Indian nurses to nurses from other countries. Since the Indian nurses are hard working, they are also willing to work on week end duties and shifts which are not popular among other nurses.

4. Working different shifts

Indian nurses work on varied duties, including week end duties. The main reason for this is that Indian nurses do not go out much over weekends, except when they have settled in the US for many years. Most of the nurses who have just reached US and have joined work, prefer to work on weekends than going out. This makes it possible for the hospital management to run the hospital even on weekends without any major problems. Most of the other nurses prefer to work during the week days and on day duties. Indian nurses also do not mind working in night shifts.

The reason for Indian nurses to be so hard working is that the conditions under which they have worked in India, before reaching US, are extremely difficult when compared to the conditions of work in the US. So, even the worst working conditions in US seem to be better for Indian nurses. This is better for them than the best working conditions in India.

5. Willingness to learn

Indian nurses are willing to learn and this is one of the main reasons for the demand for Indian nurses to work in the USA. Nurses from India and Philippines have all the attributes of a nurse that is required. They are able to empathize with the patient and are good counselors. Over many years, Indian nurses have been holding up the healthcare system of USA by working to the best of their ability. They are willing to learn the latest techniques and also learn working with different modern equipment.

6. Flexibility and adaptability

Indian nurses in USA are also flexible and adapt to their new work environment. This flexibility to work in various settings and ability to adapt to the work ethics of the new country is a reason for their demand. Thousands of nurses go to the USA and for many nurses landing in USA is a dream come true.

Present demand for Indian nurses in USA

Though the demand for Indian nurses may seem to have gone down, there are still a lot of opportunities available. The growth of the information Technology in India has made more people to opt for such courses. In spite of this, there is a constant demand for Indian nurses in the United States of America. Also, job demand is usually cyclical. There will be a increase in the demand for Indian nurses in USA. This is likely to keep improving over the years. It is because of improvement in health care and the need for quality care in hospitals.

The changes in the visa rules mean that professionals like nurses will have a fair opportunity to work in USA. A Press Release by the White House on 5th September 2017 talks about this fairness in the immigration policy. This is sure to open the gates for more professionals like nurses to work in USA.

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Though the demand for Indian nurses may change over time, there will always be nurses who find great opportunities in USA. This is mainly because of the many different qualities that Indian nurses exhibit. Click here to learn more about the qualities of a successful nurse.

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