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Job Opportunities For Nurses Abroad

Job Opportunities For Nurses Abroad

Scope Of Nursing In Abroad For Indian Nurses And Filipino Nurses

There are a lot of queries about scope of nursing in abroad, especially in USA. These queries are mainly from Indian nurses and Filipino nurses. The reason for these queries is that many families motivate the girls in their families to undergo nursing education and want them to go to USA. They spend a fortune on the education of their daughters and want them to have a great future. The scope of nursing in abroad, especially USA is very high because of the perennial shortage of nurses. This is a boon for nurses from the developing nations. The salary for nurses in India and Philippines is very less when compared to the nurse salary in USA.

Nursing Jobs In USA For Filipino Nurses

There are many hundreds of nursing jobs in USA for Filipino nurses. This is because many Filipino women are focused and complete their nursing education to go to USA. The standard of living of Filipino nurses and their family back home is much better because of the high salary that nurses earn in USA. The nursing jobs in USA for Filipino nurses are easy to get because of the smaller population in Philippines and the smaller number of applicants from that country.

Salary of nurses in Philippines

In the Philippines, there are a number of nursing colleges that are producing nurses in thousands. This means that there is lesser demand for nurses within the country. The number of nurses being appointed in private and government hospitals is very less. The salary of nurses in Philippines is quite less. A nurse would earn P12,000 in a private job. In a Philippine government hospital, the nurse will be able to able to earn P 18,000 to P 20,000 per month. This is the maximum salary that they are able to earn. The government and the nurses association are trying to fix the minimum salary of nurses in Philippines at P 26,000 or more per month.

Nursing Jobs In USA For Indian Nurses

On the other hand, the nursing jobs in USA for Indian nurses have stiff competition. One of the major problems that Indian nurses have to face is that there is a delay in getting jobs. Many Indian nurses who are already in USA are not able to obtain jobs easily. Some nurses whose spouses have been able to get a H1B visa are able to come to the USA. Others use the more regular route of applying through a recruiting agency to reach USA. These nurses have come to USA with a dream, but only some dreams come true. The job opportunities for Indian nurses abroad still persist, especially in the USA. Read on to know more about the job opportunities for nurses abroad.

Job Opportunities For Indian Nurses Abroad

If you are a nurse, then there are several job opportunities for you abroad. In fact the job opportunities for nurses abroad are the main reason for many young students to take up nursing as a career. The job opportunities for candidates are available for many different categories of nurses. Nurses with different educational qualifications can obtain jobs in various countries around the world. For example, the nursing education in India is at different levels. The highest educational qualification that a nurse will be able to get in India is completing PhD. in Nursing. Other than this, there are nurses with other qualifications. They are MSc. Nursing, Basic B.Sc Nursing, Post Basic B.Sc Nursing & Revised General Nursing & Midwifery (RGNM).

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Qualification of Indian nurses to go abroad

A nurse with any of the above qualifications will be able to get a job in another country. The nurses from India are in great demand in most of the countries around the world, especially in the developed countries. The main reason for this is the excellent work ethics that Indian nurses have. Indian nurses are hard working, willing to learn and will be willing to go the extra mile in helping sick patients.

Once the Indian nurses go abroad, they can update their knowledge and skills based on the local conditions.

Countries where Indian nurses are employed

The countries where job opportunities for Indian nurses are available include countries like Canada, USA, UK, Ireland and other European countries. Nurses from India also frequently travel to the Middle Eastern countries like Muscat, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, UAE and other places to join work in government and private hospitals. Australia and New Zealand are also attractive destinations for Indian nurses and many nurses go to these countries to settle down in a nursing job.

Option of returning to India or settling abroad

When you travel to these countries, you can either opt to work for a few years and return back to India or you can even plan to settle down in these countries. It is commonly seen that nurses who work in the Western countries prefer to settle down in these countries. The reason for this is that the lifestyle and the living conditions are all excellent. This makes the nurses and their families to fall in love with those countries and they settle down there.

On the other hand, the nurses who work in the Middle Eastern countries usually return back to India. The main reason for this is that the Middle Eastern countries usually do not encourage the nurses to go there and stay with their families. So, most nurses who leave their family back in India return back to India after a few years of working in these counties and earning a decent amount of money!

Job descriptions of Indian nurses abroad:

Are you are a nurse who is working in one of the countries mentioned here? You will be able to work as a staff nurse. A staff nurse is one who works in the clinical area with patients. Whatever your qualification may be, you are usually required to work as a staff nurse in most hospitals around the world, especially in the Middle Eastern countries. On the other hand, a few nurses who go to Western countries may join in teaching hospitals in various teaching positions. Similarly, nurses you may have a penchant for research. But, you may not have a post graduate degree. Even then, you may also be qualified enough to work in research projects as researchers.

Step by step Process of applying for a job abroad

There are several steps that are involved in applying for a job abroad. Some of the applicants will have to face many barriers and challenges when they apply to go abroad. You can find step by step process of applying for USA. You can also find how to go and work in other developed countries.

If you have any queries regarding application for jobs in other countries, please ask them in the comments column.

Red Flag

There is an important red flag that you have to keep in mind when you apply to go abroad. In most cases, there are recruitment agents who are involved in helping you to go abroad and these people can cheat you by taking away huge sums of money from you. So, it is important that you find the right nurses recruitment agency before you plan your career abroad. You can read a true incident about a scam nurse recruitment agency.

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