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Nursing Career Options in Private and Government Sectors

Are you a nurse looking out for a Nursing Career within India? Are you a student who is wondering whether you will be able to obtain a high paying position as a nurse? This is a one stop solution for all your queries about jobs in India.

Hospitals  & Teaching institutions

Based on your qualification, you will be able to work in a hospital in various designations. If you are an ANM, you will be able to work in hospitals as a nurse auxiliary. If you are a 3 year Diploma holder in nursing, you will be able to work as a staff nurse. A BSc nurse will be able to work as a staff nurse, ward in-charge or as a tutor.

If you have a Masters degree or PhD in nursing, you will be able to obtain an executive level position in a teaching program. You can also work as a clinical nurse in a high level position. When you specialize in your Masters degree, you can choose one of the many branches that are available, according to your interest. For example, you can specialize in the following fields of nursing:

  1. Maternity nursing
  2. Pediatric nursing
  3. Psychiatric nursing
  4. Community Health Nursing
  5. Medical Surgical nursing
Nursing Career
Nursing Career

The medical surgical nurses can specialize in other specialties like orthopedics, cardiology etc.

Nurses who have completed the Bachelor or Masters in nursing are recruited in teaching programmes. Nurse education is one of the most important avenues of recruitment for nurses. There are hundreds of nursing colleges in India. One of the best nursing colleges in India is the College of Nursing, CMC Vellore. It is an institution with excellent standards in nursing. Highly qualified, experienced and skillful nurses teach in these colleges to maintain the standards of education. The students who study in these colleges are the future nurses of the country and so the Indian Nursing Council ensures that all these teaching institutions have standardized education and experienced faculty.

Private sector

Though the most jobs for nurses are in the private sector, this is a very highly unorganized sector. There is no uniformity in the job conditions or in the salary. This is the reason for the wide variation in the salary structure. There are some hospitals that offer good salary while other hospitals may offer a lesser salary for the same work. The Indian Nursing Council is striving to maintain uniform standards in working conditions and also in the salary structure.

Government Hospital
Government Hospital

Salary in the private sector has been a thorn in the flesh for nurses. There is no parity in many institutions, especially the unorganized health care areas. The Supreme Court will finalize a decision on parity of nurses’ salary, especially those working in private sector. The minimum salary of nurses working in the private sector has been fixed at Rs.20,000.

Government hospitals

There are state government hospitals in every state including the Primary health centers in each district. Other than these, there are teaching hospitals in the state headquarters and other large cities that employ nurses. The remuneration in these state government hospitals are on par with other state government employees.

Central government too has its own hospitals. The working conditions in these hospitals are usually better. Also, another advantage is that the nurses who are employed in these hospitals enjoy the Central government pay scale.  Various central government companies like BHEL have their own hospitals too. Recruitment into these hospitals are also through special exams that are held from time to time. The salary scale is as per the norms of the company that is running these hospitals.

Army hospitals and career in the armed forces

There are a few army hospitals across the country. Nurses can work in these hospitals when they are selected through the various competitive exams that are held for army recruitment.  The nurse who works in an army hospital is eligible for all the perks that are accorded to the military personnel, based on their designation / service.

With the introduction of the One Rank One Pension scheme, nurses will benefit because they will be eligible for the same perks and salary as those who are on par with them in terms of rank and designation.

Railway Hospitals
Railway Hospitals

Railway hospitals

The Indian railway is the largest employer in India. There are some regional railway hospitals that function for the benefit of railway employees and the general public. Nurses are recruited into these hospitals on a regular basis. The entry is through competitive examinations that are held from time to time, as per the vacancies available. There are some reservations for the special categories of people also. The advertisements for these recruitment are usually seen in national newspapers.

The Indian Railway Recruitment Board, popularly known as the RRB is the one that notifies jobs in the railways. There are several Railway Recruitment Boards in India as part of each division of railways. Staff nurse vacancy in the Railways are advertised at regular intervals. These staff nurse jobs are well paid nursing jobs with free railway travel allowances for family members of employees.

Research programmes

There are various opportunities for nurses in different research programmes. There are research programs sponsored by Indian council of Medical research and also by various other organizations. These are projects that are time bound and are not permanent positions. These jobs last for the duration of the project. Many nurses are employed in these projects. The job description in these projects is based on the nature of the project and remuneration for nurses working in these projects will vary depending on the budget written up for the projects.

Other jobs for nurses

Nurses are recruited into various other institutions. For example, a large school may need nurses to take care of the children studying in these schools. First aid and other minor procedures are performed by the nurses in these institutions. Nurses are also recruited into other institutions that need them to provide first aid to workers who are injured.

Steps to apply for nursing career in Government service

  • Search for available vacancies in newspapers
  • Apply to the authorities in the required format and settings
  • Provide Xerox copies of relevant educational and experience certificates
  • You may have to attend an exam and / or interview
  • Check for reservation category in Nursing jobs when applying for government service

Nurses can also work in various other capacities in different institutions. A nursing career is a highly satisfying one where the nurse has the satisfaction of being able to help those who are sick and suffering.

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Advantages of nursing career in the Private sector
1. You can keep abreast of latest treatment techniques
2. You will be paid on par with the industry salary
3. Job satisfaction is likely to be more
4. Private sector hospitals are usually large multi specialty hospitals.

Advantages of nursing career in the Government service
1. Job security is very high
2. You will be able to treat patients with varied health conditions.
3. Promotions are provided at regular intervals.
4. Managerial positions are possible.
5. Excellent pay with all perks of government jobs.

Specific job role of nurses

As a nurse specializes in a particular type of nursing, she can become a specialist in that particular job role. Specialization is possible at the M.Sc level, but there are also possibilities for nurses to specialize through skill development, informal education, undergoing a fellowship course. To be a registered practitioner in the specialist role, the nurse has to undergo the fellowship course or obtain a M.Sc degree in that particular specialization and also register herself with the statutory body.

Some of the specializations and job roles that a nurse can perform are listed here.

1. Medical Nursing
2. Surgical nursing
3. Pediatric nursing
4. Maternal nursing
5. Community health nursing
6. Psychiatric nursing
7. Nurse anesthetist
8. Diabetic nurse

The life of a nurse in India is comparable to the life of nurses around the world. The salary is not at par with the pay in other countries. This is because the cost of living in India is lesser too. On this site, you can read more about the life of a nurse in India with real life stories and instances.

Other professional nurse roles:

1. Flight nurse: Most people wonder what a flight nurse role would be. In modern times, shifting sick patients from one hospital to another has become important. At times, to ensure better care they are shifted by air, like in air ambulances. In such situations also, the patient has to be cared for nursing the transportation by flight. Flight nurses are also emergency nurses because the patients who are transported by flight are usually in a critical state. Emergency procedures may have to be performed. Flight nurses could be part of the civilian flights and / or military flights.

2. Forensic nurse: A forensic nurse is a nurse who is involved in collecting evidence of a crime. They are regular nurses who treat patients, but these patients are usually victims or perpetrators of crime. The role of a forensic nurse is to collect evidence of a crime during the treatment. Usually, forensic nurses have a major role in collecting evidence of domestic violence and other abuses.

Central Government Health Scheme 2017

The Central Government Health Scheme or CGHS as it is called is a scheme where the central government recruits candidates for working in the health sector. There are several healthcare vacancies that are available, but the most number of vacancies are in the nursing field. Staff nurse vacancy is many in number and all the staff nurse vacancy are likely to be filled with the Central Government Health Scheme 2017. Most of these staff nurse jobs are available in a few Northern states of India like Chattisgargh.

Eligibility : DGNM or B.Sc (nursing) qualified

Age limit : Applicable

Employee State Insurance Corporation Recruitment

Employee State Insurance Corporation Recruitment also advertises for staff nurse jobs in India, at regular intervals. There are several ESI hospitals and these have staff nurse jobs available. The staff nurse vacancy in these hospitals are also advertised in the local newspapers. There is a unique recruitment process for nurses and other health professionals applying for these jobs.

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