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Male Nurses and Nursing Profession

Men in nursing jobs are the new craze. The stereotype of the past is being broken and male nurses are graduating in huge numbers. There are hundreds and thousands of male nurses working all over the world. There are several reasons for men to become nurses. Job opportunities and job security are two of the most common reasons for men to become nurses.

Top reasons for a male to become a nurse

1. Ageing population needing nursing care: There is a growing ageing population all over the world. As the population of old people increases, there is a need for male nurses to take care of the geriatric population. Though female nurses will be able to take care of the geriatric patients as well, male nurses will be able to cater to certain specific areas of geriatric care. It may be possible for male nurses to do transfers more easily and such specific areas can be niches where male nurses can operate efficiently and effectively.

2. Job satisfaction: There is extreme levels of job satisfaction in helping people who are sick. Men who are interested in doing social work / helping the general public are turning to nursing as a career option because of the chance to help thousands of people who are sick and suffering. The job satisfaction of helping sick people is extreme and this attracts many males to join the nursing profession.

3. Job opportunities: There is a huge job market that is always in need of qualified professionals. Male nurses are able to cater to the job market in a positive manner. Job opportunities are available at various levels in the nursing profession. The individual can work as a nurse assistant or get more qualification as a specialized nurse. Other than this, the person can also work as a nurse anesthetist. Opportunities are available in all of these different areas in the nursing profession.

4. Huge salary potential: The huge potential to earn a lot of money is another attraction for many men to turn to nursing as a profession. The average salary that nurses are able to earn with the minimum number of hours is on par with the income potential of many other professions. If a male nurse is willing to put in a little more effort and get additional qualification, there is a huge potential to earn much more than most other professions.

5. Job security:

The job security in the nursing profession is also much more than the job security available in many other professions. A nurse is not likely to lose the job even in a recession. This is because of the fact that there is always a need for quality care provided by nurses. Due to the hundreds and thousands of job opportunities being present all the time, the job security in the nursing profession is unbelievably high.

The fact that the nursing profession is more open now, and members of the profession accept males among them, is another reason for males to enter this profession. Patients too seem to accept male nurses as much as they accept female nurses.

If you are planning to work in the Gulf countries, it is imperative that only male nurses treat males and female nurses can treat both males and females. So, the demand for male nurses in the gulf countries is much higher.

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