All about Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism is a win-win situation for all people and stakeholders involved. It is a win situation for the Indian government. This is because of the economical development and the boost to Indian healthcare system. The option of medical tourism is great for the people who seek treatment. They are able to get early treatment and this is a boon for them. They are also able to enjoy this high quality medical care at a very affordable cost. It is a win situation for the various hospitals in India economically. They are able to boost their profits.

Why is medical tourism popular in India?

  1. Cost of the treatment is one fifth to one tenth of the cost in Developed nations.
  2. There is no waiting time for treatments in India.
  3. The treatment provided is excellent and carries no additional risk.
  4. The pre and post surgical care provided is excellent.
  5. State of the art infrastructure available.
  6. Highly skilled workforce provided necessary care.
  7. The best diagnostic tools are available with high end technology being used.
  8. All the staff involved in treatment is friendly and approachable.
  9. Option of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy treatments available.
  10. Hospitals offering medical tourism are all accredited and have healthcare quality and patient safety assurance.

What every medical tourist to India needs to verify

Insurance: Your present health insurance policy may be void in another country. So, check with your insurance provider if it is valid in India. Also, verify with the hospital where you are going to be treated if they accept international insurance payments. Hospitals may also need advance payment or a guarantee of payment from insurance companies that do not have a presence in India.

Total cost of treatment: Though the actual cost payable by you will be known only after the treatment is complete, it is good for you to get to know the total cost that you may have to pay for the treatments. Find out what costs are included in the final bill and what has to be paid for additionally. Usually, the bed charges, therapy charge, doctors and nurses fees, room rent in hospital and consumables are covered by the bill charged as part of treatment package. The cost of food, additional treatment costs because of unforeseen treatments necessary are not covered by the package informed to you in advance.

Airport transfers: Most hospitals arrange for hospitals to airport transfer on their own or by outsourcing it. So, ensure that this facility is available to you so that you can have comfortable travel and stay.

Duration of treatment: The approximate duration of treatment needs to be verified. It could also tell you about the pre therapy period for consultations and diagnostic procedures to be performed. It also tells you about the period needed for recovery from the procedures, if any.

Hospitals in India: There are some amazing hospitals providing medical tourism in India. On top of the rung is Apollo hospitals with a chain of hospitals in various cities around India. There are several other hospitals providing different kinds of services for an international patient. Most of the hospitals provide several value added services to the patient too. You will be able to obtain appointments online. Also, you will be able to enjoy the hospitality provided to you in these hospitals. So, if you are planning to travel to India for treating a chronic ailment, it would be a very wise decision.

Popular treatments preferred by Medical tourists in India

Medical tourism in India is popular because of the excellent treatment options available in many different specialties. There are several medical conditions for which India is very popular as a medical tourism destination. These medical conditions, the treatments provided and the approximate cost are listed here for the benefit of potential medical tourists.

Specialties where medical tourism is popular:

  1. Gastroenterology
  2. Oncology (Cancer)
  3. ENT, head & neck
  4. General Surgery
  5. Cardiothoracic / Cardiovascular Surgeries
  6. Cardiology
  7. Nephrology
  8. Diabetes & Endocrinology
  9. Cosmetic therapy
  10. Transplants
  11. Dentistry
  12. Replacement surgeries ( Hip and Knee replacements)

Various procedures commonly performed under each specialty, the cost range for these procedures and the likely duration for hospital stay.


1. Gallbladder surgery with appendectomy: Gallbladder removal surgery, which is commonly known as Cholecystectomy is commonly performed in India. This surgery to remove the gall bladder is performed when it in inflamed and causes health issues. The removal of the gall bladder can be done as a Laposcopic procedure. Usually the appendix is also removed during this surgery, if required. The cost of surgery in India is about INR 140,000 to 1,60,000, which works out to be nearly $2600. The duration of stay would only be 2 days.

2. Gallbladder surgery through Laproscopy: At times, only the gall bladder has to be removed. In such cases, the cost of the surgery is only about INR 1,00,000 or US $ 1550. The duration of stay would be as little as about 2 days in the hospital. If, on the other hand, there are other organs to be removed, the cost of surgery could be more.

3. Inguinal Hernia surgery on both sides: Inguinal hernia is common in many people these days. The repair of this hernia is done with high quality Prolene mesh. If the inguinal hernia has to be repaired on both sides, the cost of surgery would be about INR 1,10,000 to 1,25,000, which is about US $ 2000. The duration of stay in the hospital would be only about 2 days.

4. Umblical hernia and hiatus repair: The Umblical hernia as well as hiatus repair surgeries can be performed at a cost of INR 1,40,000 to 1,60,000, which works out to approximately US $ 2350 – 2650. The hospital stay required for these surgeries would be as less as 2 days.

Other treatments for gastroenterological problems:

Medical tourism in India caters to those who require other surgical and non surgical therapy for various diseases. Some of the common diseases treated are those like Inflammatory Bowel disorder, Cirrhosis of the liver, other types of hernia, Cancer of the various parts of the digestive system and other areas.

Each of these treatments are performed by excellent professionals. The advantage of the treatment is that you will be provided with holistic care. The treatment costs are usually less than half of what has to be paid in other countries. There is also no waiting period for these procedures and this means that you can get rid of the disease quickly. It also helps you to get back to your family soon. Your health will also improve. You will be able to lead a better quality of life.

Cardiothoracic / Cardiovascular Surgeries

1. Coronary Angiogram costs between US$ 250 – 1000 with 1 day hospitalization while it is as high as $2000 in USA.

2. Angioplasty
with a single stent costs US$ 3000 – 6500 with about 2 days hospitalization. The wide range in cost is because of possible complications that arise before and during the procedure.

3. ASD / VSD closures
and most of the other congenital heart disease surgeries will cost about US$ 4000 – 5000. And recuperation for this procedure will require about a week of hospitalization.

4. Valve replacement
of the Atrial or Mitral valve will cost US$ 3000 – 10000. And, after this surgery, you will need only 4-5 days hospitalization.
A double valve replacement will cost US$ 6000 – 12000. The patient may need to be in the hospital for less than a week, maybe 5 days.

5.Open heart surgery which is also called as Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) will cost about $5500. And the duration of hospital stay is about 9 days. This is because the CABG is a major procedure. There is likely to be a longer post operative recovery period than other surgeries.

Dental procedures in India

Dental procedures are also very cost effective in India. You can get the best treatment at a very affordable cost. Root canal treatment is the most common dental treatment preferred by medical tourists in India. This site provides you with more information about the best root canal treatment in India. You can decide to get a root canal treatment in India. Also, other cosmetic dental procedures can also be done. This will also help in enhancing your beauty. The cost will be reduced because of combining procedures. Scaling and other procedures can also be performed by highly qualified dentists and dental surgeons. You will not only get good treatment done, but you will also be able to enjoy the excellent hospitality in Indian hospitals.

Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy in India was also part of the booming medical tourism industry in India. Since there was exploitation of poor women from rural areas by touts, surrogacy laws were introduced. Under these new laws in India, several changes have been made for protection of gullible women.

Ayurveda in India

Ayurveda is a Indian system of medicine that has evolved over the years. Today it is a very popular system which has been helpful in treating otherwise incurable diseases. Many joint conditions like arthritis are being treated by Ayurveda specialists. They are also treating diseases of the other anatomical parts that lead to diseases. Kerala is one of the few states in India which has a lot of Ayurveda centers. There are several of them on the beaches that provide rejuvenating massage to help the body get rid of various aches and pains.

Alternate Medicine in India

India is a land of alternate medicine. There are several alternate systems of medicine being practiced in India, which are unique to India. Siddha, Homeopathy, Unani are all different systems of medicine that are not practiced in most parts of the world. In India, there are medical colleges established in these fields of medicine. This is because of the effectiveness of these systems of medicine in treating as well as curing several diseases. It also reflects the belief of people on these alternative medicine system. Many medical tourists who come to India in search of regular treatment try out various alternative medicines as an adjuant therapy or even as the main therapy, with wonderful results. The only thing that is needed is to select the right hospital for this kind of therapy.


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